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Just as the yarn will be transformed into a thing of beauty so is the caterpillar. This is one of my favorite images.  If you would like to license this image or purchase a print please email me.

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Super Quick Stashbuster… Lunchbox Notes or Valentines

I am posting this one today with iPhone pics because I wanted to get it out there quick for any crochet moms who are looking for some easy back-to-school inspiration (school around here starts in the morning). Last year I started a little tradition of leaving something small and crochet for my kids in their...

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Sunflower Trivets!

Another big shout out to Tamara Kelly over at Remember how I said I get a little obsessive with variations on a theme?  Well… now I’m working on these trivets and my brain just keeps imagining new combinations of colors to try.  After working through my kitchen colors and some Christmas colors I thought…...

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I Love these Trivets!

So… as I mentioned in yesterday’s placemat post, I get a little obsessive when I get going with a theme. Right now it’s kitchen accessories.  I’ve never really had placemats and dishcloths and drying mats and trivets that had any semblance of being a set or matching my kitchen.  And for the five years that...

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Crochet Project: Placemats

Set of 10 placemats

When we moved into our house the kitchen was painted blue.  I thought – wow, what a pretty color… …for a bedroom. With the contrast of orangey-toned cherry cabinets I’ve just never been a huge fan of the blue (despite it being my favorite color… and despite the fact that I have at least 3...

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