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Spring Clean-Up: Swamp Milkweed Tip

I’ve just uploaded my second garden tip vlog and am back here to share it with you! This morning I took a few minutes to clean up the swamp milkweed section of my butterfly garden.  That’s the beautiful pink flower pictured above with one of our Monarch visitors from last summer.  I was thrilled to...

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Today I thought I’d share a couple “science-y” images from earlier this season.  These are of a Monarch Caterpillar just after it has molted.  The face plate has fallen and the skin still remains behind the very still caterpillar.  Not pretty… but I thought, interesting.

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A Very Tiny Caterpillar…


We saw our first egg hatch today and I was lucky enough to have my camera nearby to capture some video footage.  I just wish I’d had the lighting a bit better for the first 2 clips.  Anyway, we threw together a video with some fun facts that might be useful for a classroom studying...

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They’re here!!!

Look who I spotted in my garden today!!!  And look what she’s doing!!!

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Just as the yarn will be transformed into a thing of beauty so is the caterpillar. This is one of my favorite images.  If you would like to license this image or purchase a print please email me.

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C o n n e c t
C a t e g o r i e s