Putting down roots…

A Common Milkweed Seed as it begins germination…

Quick Note that this seed (and the others planted with it) were left neglected for a year.  I set them to cold/moist stratify in my fridge last spring (2015).  They were in sealed ziploc bags with moist paper towels in a garage refrigerator.  Then I ran out of places to plant them (and the energy to dig new places to plant them) as summer set in.  Then, this fall I forgot they were there again…  2 weeks ago I decided to put them in a large planter just to see if they might do something.  Sure enough!  Even after a year of neglect they are germinating.  Several very large pots full of common milkweed sprouts!  Very exciting and hopeful the mama Monarchs will find them here in our yard this summer!

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