Monarch Update

We now have 2 Caterpillars that have formed a chrysalis.  The third is busy eating away.  I tried to get a couple photos of the chrysalis last night but I am finding it’s difficult to get a nice photo through the side of the plastic containers I have them in.  Here’s what I have…

2 photos of the chrysalis as it was forming. (I hope to get lots of pictures of this with the third caterpillar)  Here you can still see yellow lines.  This seemed to happen quite quickly once the green began to show.


And a photo of the chrysalis completely formed.  I had to move the netting from atop a vase to this plastic container when I cleaned out the old milkweed and frass.

And here’s what the other little guy is doing!

That crazy banging noise in the background is my dryer… lol… sorry about that!

Stayed tuned for more updates as we observe the transformation!

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