Blueberry Picking at Frog Eye Farm

We love picking blueberries.  It’s such an easy fruit for picking – the bushes are tall… no thorns or pricklies…and yum!

Our go-to blueberry picking farm did not post any field openings this year so we had to look for another spot.

And I LOVE this new find!

Frog Eye Blueberry Farm is in Knoxville, Maryland.  The town of Knoxville is only 20 minutes from Frederick, 9 minutes from Harper’s Ferry, 25 minutes from Purcellville, and 11 minutes from Lovettsville (according to a quick search via google).

According to their website they are chemical and pesticide free so berries are safe to eat right from the bush.

It is a breathtakingly beautiful drive up to the farm which is surrounded by mountaintop views.  My pictures really don’t do it justice.

When we arrived we checked in at the table they have sitting near to the field.  When we checked in, the really nice man who was working at the table explained that they have about 20 varieties of blueberries (which ripen at various times throughout the summer) BUT… he explained, “we can’t tell you where each variety is planted… so we recommend you eat a couple and if you like them, pick from that bush.”

Simple as that!

I tell you… the kids were THRILLED to get permission to “eat a few.”  lol…

(quick note about the picture above… blueberries don’t continue to ripen after picking – according to the Frog Eye Farm website… but it’s sometimes tough to get only blue ones when you’ve got help picking… those less-than-ripe blueberries are TART and would probably be good chocolate-covered 😉 ).  

I follow the farm on Facebook and their page is frequently updated with field openings and conditions.

They seemed to have baskets for picking but we brought our own.  If you bring your own then you can check in and they will actually weigh the empty basket so that at the end they only charge you for the berries and not the container.  In either case I also brought along a few resealable baggies and a cooler to pack our berries for the ride home.  This allowed us to keep sightseeing (we visited nearby Antietam Battlefield National Historical Park) and not worry that we needed to rush home to a refrigerator.

Last I checked the field are still open for picking!  We plan to go back soon so we have some to freeze for winter!

Do you have a favorite u-pick farm for fruit?  I’d love to hear about other spots to find u-pick fruits – especially organic chemical/pesticide free farms!  Leave a comment below!


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