Spring in February?

It’s Wednesday.  Last week I mentioned that Wednesdays on the blog would be my day for a laid-back and more personal post each week – or a weekend-warrior post – or maybe a what I did this weekend post?  Who knows… it will be a surprise each week!

Today – I’m sharing something that surprised me.

There’s nothing truly special about this photo …

… except for the fact that I took it in my front yard.


In February.

Apparently these flowers have seeded themselves from something we had planted in a flower pot on the porch last spring (April to be exact) and today they are blooming in a variety of spots throughout the mulch near the porch.

In February.

I. Love. Spring.

So I’m so happy to see it a bit early.

Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather this week as well!

What’s sprouting in your yard?

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