Tiny Garden Spider

You know, it’s funny… Every time I’ve ever seen a garden spider in my home garden it’s like this giant yellow spider just suddenly appears out of nowhere.  I’ve never noticed them when they are small, until this week.  This is a tiny spider hanging out among our shasta daisies and other flowering perennials.  That is a daisy leaf for size comparison.  So I’m curious to see if this one hangs out long enough to grow into the large impressive spiders we tend to be startled by each year.

It’s important to note that despite their eventual large size and bright colors they are beneficial and not dangerous.  If they aren’t blocking a space you need to walk through go ahead and leave them and observe – they are especially cool to watch with kids and a great opportunity to teach them not to be afraid.  Here’s a blog post to learn more about garden spiders from Tenth Acre Farms.


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