Cherry Worm

I am not at all happy with today’s post… we have discovered that our blueberry bushes have been affected by the cherry worm – a moth that lays its eggs on the bush and the developing caterpillars then work their way through the fruit.  We noticed tiny little spots on the side of some blueberries and saw others that had clearly been left behind with a strange, rather gross look to them.  So… we started investigating and sure enough found one of the culprits in cutting open a blueberry.

Now I literally feel the need to wash each individual blueberry separately inspecting it for holes.  And.. perhaps cut the rest in half before eating them.  Our blueberries may be destined more for smoothies (after the cutting in half) than for eating whole.  (Imagine sad face here…).

And… we were SO excited for this year’s crop.  The bushes are finally big enough for us to get a decent bowl of berries each day.  We’re finding we end up having to discard at least 50% of them at this point.  So frustrating.  We have started looking now at the green berries as well because if we can identify the berries with holes before the worm fully develops and discard them maybe we can at least help keep the population from growing.

Anyway – this picture was what helped me to identify what the problem was… SO GROSS.

Even more disturbing is that they affect a lot of the other fruit we have started growing as well.

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