Last week my brother was visiting from the West Coast and he took the kids and I to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  I have fun at the aquarium testing the limits of my camera’s ISO settings (that is… trying to photograph in such a dark environment!).  The aquarium is a fun spot for playing with lots of different settings if you’re venturing into the world of shooting in manual.  Some areas are intensely dark.  Some are bright (and humid!  Hello tropical rain forest!).  Some have fantastic light and fast action (dolphin show!).  Some call for a little zoom and fast, fast shutter speeds (capturing birds in the aforementioned rain forest).  Some require creative problem solving for shooting around crowds or avoiding glare from the glass on the tanks.  I’ve seen some fantastic silhouettes done in aquarium settings as well.

So, while I spend most of the time with the kids, just enjoying our visit, I usually come home with at least a couple shots I really love and I do spend a bit of time photographing the animals.  This was one from the most recent trip.  A simple frog that my brother pointed out in an aquarium near the start of our walk through.  I would have missed him completely if he wasn’t pointed out to me.  But I love the bright color and the reflection in this shot.

I was super tickled to discover my brother set this one as his desktop picture.  Made me smile 🙂

Funny that this green was also in the shot I featured from our last trip to the aquarium.  Hmm… I must like this color!

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