I think it’s important to share mistakes just as we share our successes… and I don’t do enough of that.  So today – a mistake that was a learning experience.

Apparently if you neglectfully leave your bag of bulbs unplanted laying by the driveway all winter long they will still grow… lol…

Yep – that’s a fully bloomed hyacinth trapped there in the plastic bag.  I felt pretty guilty to see it there actually… which might seem weird since it’s a flower and we pick flowers… but at any rate I got out the scissors and the shovel and a bag of dirt and rescued them all.  And I feel better now knowing that we didn’t waste the money I spent on that bag of bulbs!  And bonus… I planted a few temporarily in a basket to place on the kitchen island and now my house smells heavenly!

And if we’re really “keeping it real,” this is the type of thing that happens to me more often than not in my new-to-this-hobby gardening experiences.  Maybe one day I will gain a sense of organization… or at least of buying something and planting it immediately… or not starting 300 more seeds than I have time to plant… but that’s just not reality right now.  Just keepin’ it real;).


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Jennifer M - April 5, 2017 - 12:13 pm

Yes! a very real occupation, gardening. :)

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