October – It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October – and that means it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So I thought that this week might be a nice time to share some pink-ribbon photos from my archives.

Since 2006, my family has been participating in events to help raise money for the fight against breast cancer. My mom is the driving force behind this passion. She makes pink ribbon crafts and sells them, donating 100% of her proceeds to Komen. She calls it her “pink obsession” and we’re so proud of her. From 2006 to 2010 we led the marching arts community to “Spin for a Cure” as a team in the Komen Global Race for the Cure – raising over $20,000. In 2011 team “My Pink Obsession” began and last September my mom and dad walked 60 miles in 3 Days in the Washington D.C. Komen 3-day event.

We’re so proud of them!

During the walk we visited them at cheering stations and celebrated with them at the finish line.  I always intended to share the photos here but blogging time somehow escaped me and I only shared a few on facebook.  So I will post some now for a little pink ribbon inspiration.

Today I will start with this one.  It was the most moving moment I have experienced in a long, long time.  I’m not a cryer… but I just couldn’t stop the tears.

This was taken during the closing ceremony of the 3-day walk.  First the majority of the walkers cross the finish line and enter an area near the stage just beneath the Washington Monument.  At that point all of the survivors join hands and walk in as one large group to cross the finish line together.  That, by itself, is an intensely moving moment as you watch all of these amazing women in bright pink who have fought so hard come together to jump yet another challenge.  As I clicked away, taking photos of the lines of survivors holding hands my husband tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Look over there.”

When I turned my head this is what I saw.

And I just started to cry.

The rest of the participants had each removed one shoe and held it high in the air, saluting the survivors as they walked past.

In honor of these strong women and those who couldn’t be there.

Beautifully, lovingly saying, “We did this for you and with you.”

I am still tearing up a year later just recalling the amazing energy of love that was there in that moment.

It was Incredible.

Overwhelming.  Intense.  Beautiful.


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