Leave No Trace…

For those that don’t follow my facebook page I wanted to post a couple quick shares today that I shared on FB yesterday.

I visited Rust Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA with my children’s school.

One of the main points the Audubon Naturalist guides taught the children was “Leave no Trace.”  They explained that in the sanctuary we may explore and enjoy but each tiny part of this beautiful ecosystem is important and useful to another part of the ecosystem.  A tiny stick might be used by a termite or ant….a flower used by an insect.  So while we have an intense human desire to collect souvenirs it is important to leave these things be.  Enjoy them and learn from them while we are there but leave them so others may enjoy and learn… and so the ecosystem may continue to function properly and as naturally as possible despite human presence.  After all – with 100 gradeschool aged kids walking through the woods it wouldn’t take very long for every single blossom to disappear as a well-intentioned gift to mommy;).

How wonderful it is with photography that we can transform this instinct for collection and sharing into artful education while doing very little to disturb.

1.  Virginia Bluebells:

2.  Some elegant purveyors of pollen… yes… they cause much grief for many… but don’t they just look pretty here?

This was my first time visiting Rust Sanctuary.  I’m excited to take another trip there (perhaps on a slightly warmer morning…) with camera in hand.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to take my girls back on a photo collecting trip (where we come home and identify all we have discovered and photographed) or whether I want to take my photography girlfriends there on a “moms-morning-out” exploration in the peace and tranquility of this special space.

Perhaps 2 visits are in my future:)

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