Garden Spider

Our family has been observing this large Yellow Garden Spider near our front walkway this week.  Surprisingly, our children who run in the face of bees are not at all scared of this gigantic gal.  She started in a large web to the right of our front walk and after some hard rains last week, reappeared in a large web to the left of our front walk.  She sits there all day and we rarely see her move although we have noticed her seem to purposefully shake her web back and forth after a leaf came in contact with it – we can only guess that this was an attempt to capture whatever was getting close enough to the web to cause vibrations.  At any rate, it was amazing to see her using her front legs to shake the web quite vigorously.

She may be a bit intimidating but I am grateful she’s helping capture some of the insects near our front door.

Perhaps my favorite part of macro photography is getting to pull the image into the computer and really zoom in – to be able to see details you never notice in person (or that you’d be hesitant to get close enough to see) while at the same time doing very little to disturb the animal or habitat.

Here is a page published by the National Wildlife Federation with more information on this fascinating creature: Yellow Garden Spider.

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