Fledgling and Adult

Yesterday I posted an image of a House Finch feeding a fledgling.

Today it’s a House Sparrow and its fledgling.  Apparently, I’m learning this is a relatively unpopular species the more I read.  They seem to take over nesting boxes of other species and chase away other birds from feeder areas.  We certainly do see quite a few House Sparrows at our feeders.  I did enjoy watching them yesterday with their young.

This one was also feeding it’s fledgling – just as yesterday’s House Finch – and it appears sitting on the same branch as in the other shot.  I like this shot of them just looking directly at one another.  It’s lovely to be able to see the comparison of fledgling and adult side by side.  If you look closely you can pick up hints of the rain drops in the background.  Rain did not deter the many, many birds that visited our feeders yesterday.

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