A sweet reminder of cooler temps…

As the temperatures soar this summer I found these very “cool” (pun totally intended;) ) pictures I snapped last winter during a Holiday Luncheon at my children’s school.

Truth be told I couldn’t be HAPPIER about the summer temperatures.

No nostalgia for the cold here at my desk.

The title was just catchy so I went with it… and besides – it’s July 25 so why not a little “Christmas in July?”

But yes… I’m a summer girl.

I’d rather it be 95 degrees and hot over 36 degrees any day.  If I could engineer a location (near to the grandparents) that was 80 degrees all year long I would be in complete heaven.  I have no need for snow (though my kids completely disagree with me) and would be totally okay to celebrate Christmas with July temperatures.

So – with this “sweet” reminder of the cooler temperatures to come for all of you out there who do long for winter… enjoy a little Christmas-in-July!

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