THINGS YOU SEE ON MOUNTAIN MINT: Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia)

This photograph was taken July 22, 2020 and could fit into two personal photography projects – “THINGS YOU SEE ON MOUNTAIN MINT” and my personal photograph collection of the types of “BUTTERFLIES OF LOUDOUN COUNTY VIRGINIA”.  I’ve been working on the butterfly project for several years but in looking through my blog I’ve neglected to share very many of those pictures here so I’ll start posting them over the next few months.   The Mountain Mint survey is a new project I just recently started and I’m really enjoying learning more about insects beyond the butterfly world as well as learning about the diverse life this native plant supports.

The host plants for the Common Buckeye in our area include plantain and stonecrop as well as members of the snapdragon family (source: “Field Guide to the Butterflies of Loudoun County by Nicole Hamilton – published by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy).  I’ve seen it nectaring on my patch of mountain mint already at least twice this summer (in my limited observations).

If you’re interested in seeing other organisms I’ve photographed on my mountain mint plant check out the full project (in progress) which can be seen by clicking the link in the menu under “In the Garden” or Under “Photography – Projects.”  Or you can CLICK HERE.

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