Space Shuttle Discovery

Yesterday my husband and I took our girls to see the Space Shuttle Discovery being flown over the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center.  It was a truly incredible experience to be there amidst thousands of people witnessing a moment in history.  I will post more about our family field trip another day (super busy this week with real estate sessions and yearbook deadlines for my children’s school) but for now just wanted to share my favorite photo from the day.

For our family this is a moment we will always treasure and I’m so glad to have photography to help make these moments last for us.  This was during the third fly-by of the museum when the shuttle was making it’s final descent to land at Dulles Airport.  I was tickled when I pulled up the image on my computer and found that the fighter jet was lined up below the shuttle.  A bit of luck because, believe-it-or-not, I was so focused on the shuttle itself that when one of my friends asked about whether there was a fighter jet nearby I said, “No – I don’t think so – I think it landed before the final pass.”  Then I pulled up my images to show her on the back of my camera and sure enough there was the tiny fighter jet right there directly below the airplane and shuttle.  lol…


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Space Shuttle Discovery » - February 28, 2014 - 12:22 pm

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