Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth (Spoladea recurvalis)

I’m not sure if this moth was nectaring or just resting here when I spotted it this morning.  Either way, the larvae eat crops such as beets, spinach and swiss chard – three plants that are in the adjacent vegetable garden, so that may be more the reason this moth was here than the mint.  But it was spotted on the mint, so I’m counting it!  I still can’t believe how many different species I’ve seen.  Still two new ones today even.  I’m not posting at near the rate I could be because ID is difficult.  I was proud that I figured this one out on my own but I did post in a moth group for confirmation.  As always – if you disagree with the ID please let me know.  I’m learning as I go here.  This is one of 11 moths I’ve seen so far in the mint.  I’ve only posted a couple so… more to come!

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