“Clothing” Kindness Idea #5: Pocket Surprises!

For those just joining us, the Project 52 Word of the Week is “Clothing.”

I’m attempting to post a new idea each day for how you might approach this week’s theme in case you’ve run short of time for brainstorming (of course the BEST way to approach this project is to get the kids involved and see what amazing ideas THEY come up with!).

So far we’ve focused on clothing donations for specific types of clothing.  We’ve seen a need for old jeans to make quilts for wounded warriors, gently used jeans to be donated to homeless shelters for teens, and soccer jerseys being collected in Leesburg to be taken to Honduras.  I also posted doll clothing (a crochet pattern) that my crochet friends out there could use to bring a smile to a special little girl’s face.

Today I thought it might be fun to think outside the donation box and come up with a creative way to tie together clothing and kindness.  And this one is spreading some joy and kindness within your own family.

Why not write tiny notes of love and encouragement for members of your family and hide them in all those empty pockets in the closet.  Coat pockets, jeans pockets…  The next time they wear that coat or pair of pants they’ll have a completely unexpected surprise to brighten their day.  It’s okay if the whole family is involved because even if everyone knows about it there are bound to be hidden notes that aren’t found right away.  In 2 weeks or 2 months when a note pops up it’ll be a lovely reminder of time spent together spreading joy.



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