Bald Eagle

On a recent trip to Florida I was lucky enough to catch glimpses of 2 different Bald Eagles in flight as we drove the many miles from Florida back to Virginia.  It got me thinking about a trip last summer to the National Zoo where we had the opportunity to watch an Eagle feeding.

One of the things I love about going to the zoo is that every time we’re there it’s a totally different experience.  That’s one reason I love getting a zoo membership (the other is the free parking and free animal cookies 😉 ).

On our last visit we happened to walk up to the Bald Eagle’s enclosure right at the time when the keeper had just put out his food.  We watched as he spotted it, inched closer, and then quickly whisked it away to somewhere more private for lunch.

From a photography standpoint I wish I’d taken the time to check my settings.  A wider aperture might have eliminated the distracting fencing in the photos.  Still, it was a neat educational experience for our family.  If I remember correctly, we learned that this eagle is injured and does not fly.

I just hope that one day I catch a glimpse of a Bald Eagle in the Wild and happen to have my camera with me when it happens!

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