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A bit of quiet in the garden…

I just really liked this image today… Something about the curves and the blur and the way the wings are just peeking out from behind the blossoms just feels peaceful… and quiet… and maybe even a touch whimsical.  And really, anything that feels peaceful right now with all the sadness and uncertainty in the world...

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Migratory Grasshopper

This is an older picture from September 2018.  I’m just now getting around to going through some of my older nature pictures and I don’t think I shared this one.  Thank you to an insect identification group on facebook who identified the grasshopper species as the migratory grasshopper, Melanoplus sanguinipes.

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Monarch Caterpillar Egg

This is a Monarch caterpillar egg just minutes to a few hours before the tiny caterpillar emerged.  This image was taken in 2016.

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Even with the cooler temperatures and overcast skies on Friday, my Mountain Mint was still attracting butterflies.  I was happy to see this Viceroy, especially because I only see one or two of them in my yard a year.  Thrilled to have captured this image.  

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Swamp Tour

On the last leg of our summer road trip we did a swamp tour just outside of New Orleans, LA.  It was AWESOME.  So much wildlife to see and yes, lots and lots of alligators.  Here’s one.

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