Free Crochet Pattern for Dr. Seuss Inspired “Cat in the Hat” Style Hat for 18″ Doll

Last week I posted about the Dr. Seuss Inspired “Cat in the Hat” Hat that my 8-year-old daughter and I created as a side-by-side crochet project.

I promised to share the pattern and today is the day.

Writing this pattern, while a beginner pattern, was a challenge for me because the perfectionist in me wouldn’t let me settle on a design!  lol… After many, many iterations I think I’ve finally got it!

The one that cracks me up is “The Power Plant.”  Anyone who grew up in Southern MD might recognize this hat as reminiscent of the power plant in Hughesville… lol

My girls, however, were happy about my indecision because they don’t care about perfection of the shape.  Instead they exclaimed, “Mom!!  Now we have a hat for EVERY. SINGLE. DOLL!!!  They all get a hat for the dolly birthday party!!”


So I’m going to post the pattern and story with photos below.  Forgive my photos – I took quick snaps and one day will come back and replace them with better quality – but in the effort of getting the pattern out before Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Saturday I’m moving forward!


This pattern began as a side-by-side crochet project between my 8-year-old daughter and I.  Inspired by the upcoming birthday of Dr. Seuss in March we set forth to make a “Cat in the Hat” inspired hat for her “Our Generation” doll.  This was our first side-by-side crochet project and her first time crocheting in rounds.  Essentially, I would do a round to show her and then she would do it herself with my help/guidance.

Through this project she learned and practiced several skills including:

  • how to create rounds
  • practice with sc
  • how to expand a round through crocheting two sc in some stitches
  • how to decrease a round by sc two together
  • how to change colors without cutting the yarn
  • practice counting
  • the half double crochet stitch.
  • crocheting in both loops, front loop and/or back loop

She started the project a little reluctant that it might be too hard but by row 8, when she saw it starting to look like a hat, any reluctance melted away and the confidence grew round by round.  I made sure to express lots of praise and encouragement throughout and by the end this was one proud little girl and a mommy who felt success!  She was so proud to show Daddy what we created together!

I’m sharing the pattern here for you as either a beginner crochet project to do yourself or one that I hope is easy enough to do with your own little one who is ready to take the next step beyond sc in rows.  If you make one I’d love it if you’d share a picture with me through email ( or on my facebook page (!


“Cat in the Hat” Doll Hat – for 18” dolls

Pattern by Catina Anderson

Hook Size: 8.00 mm (L)

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA Cincinnati Red
Lion Brand Hometown USA New York White

About ½ skein of each

Starting with RED:Ch 2

Round 1: 5 sc in 2nd chain from hook, join w/sl st to first sc in round (pull tail of yarn to close hole tight)

Round 2: ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, join w/sl. st. to first sc in round (10)

Round 3: ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, join w/sl. st. to first sc in round (20)

Round 4: ch 1, (sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc) repeat () around (30), join with sl. st to first sc in round

Round 5: ch 1, sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc) repeat around (40) (this completes working the top of the hat), join with sl. st. to first sc in round,

Round 6: (this begins working the sides of the hat) ch 1, working in back loop only *sc in next 2 sc, sc next 2 sc together* repeat from * to * around (30), join with sl. st. to first sc in round

Round 7: ch 1, (working in both loops for this round and all subsequent rounds unless otherwise stated) sc in next 3 sc, sc next 2 sc together, repeat around (24), join with sl. st. to first sc in round,

Round 8: ch 1, working in both loops sc in each sc around, join with sl st to first sc in round, (24)

Round 9: ch 1, working in both loops sc in each sc around, join with sl st to first sc in round but draw up white yarn in that slip stitch to change colors.  Drop the red yarn but do not cut. (24)

Rounds 10 – 11: (in white) ch 1, sc in each sc around, join with sl st to first sc in round (24)

note: in round 10 only (not in repeats of round 10) crochet over the loose tail of the white yarn for the first few stitches, do not crochet over the loose red yarn – there will not be a cut end to crochet over again until the end of the pattern.

Round 12: (in white): ch 1, sc in each sc around,  join with sl st in first sc of round drawing up the loose red strand in that slip stitch and dropping white (but do not cut white)

Rounds 13 – 15: repeat rounds 10 – 12 using red yarn

Rounds 16 – 18: repeat rounds 10 – 12 using white yarn

Rounds 19 – 21: repeat rounds 10 – 12 using red yarn.  After switching to white yarn ch 2 instead of ch 1.

Round 22 (hat brim):  Cut the red strand of yarn leaving a 2 inch tail and crochet over the tail in the first few stitches of this round.  ch 2 in white, working in front loop only for this round hdc in same stitch as joining.  2 hdc in next stitch and each stitch around to make brim.  Join with slip stitch to 2nd ch in original ch 2.

Finish off with and weave in ends.

NOTE: If you prefer to cut the yarn each time you change colors instead of carrying it along with the project you can finish each color-change round and cut, then join new color with a slip stitch and crochet over the loose tails.  I prefer to eliminate all the cutting and loose ends but either way works!

Pattern copyrighted by Catina Anderson.  Please do not sell or redistribute without expressed permission of Catina Anderson.  If you make a hat I would love to see a photo!  Please share it with me by email or on my facebook page!

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[...] Free Crochet Pattern for Dr. Seuss inspired “Cat in the Hat” Style Hat for 18” Doll This pattern is cute as can be and will help you create a tall hat for your daughter’s doll. [...]

Brenda - March 30, 2013 - 8:33 am

I made a Cat in the Hat bookmark for my grandson and now plan to crochet 3 of these hats for my granddaughters’ dolls. Thanks!!

eaca71997 - April 1, 2013 - 10:07 pm

How fun!! So glad you’re enjoying the pattern. Would love to see pictures when you’re done!

Debra Butterworth - May 24, 2013 - 6:17 am

This is so cute! I want to make a “cat in the hat” hat for an
infant. Do you have a pattern that would work. I might be able to make one using this but I’m just a beginner.

eaca71997 - May 24, 2013 - 7:39 am

I don’t have one that is infant size but if you go to you should be able to find one there. I have seen them out there in cyberspace! Or try searching through pinterest. This one is a bit small for an infant I think.

Kelley - December 3, 2016 - 1:23 am

You’re a lifesaver!! Thank you so much for creating this hat. I’m using an (I) i hook and it is working out tremendously fun!! Just perfect for the project we needed. I will share photos later on when it’s finished at the end of January!!!

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