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We are trying to be intentional about serving others, learning about the needs of our community/world, making service a core value in our family and helping other families to identify family-friendly service opportunities through sharing what we learn here. We’re currently (in 2013) working on two projects. Our Project 52 “Focus” on Kindness – where we try to do one act of kindness or service each week inspired by a word-of-the-week, and our 2013 “Summer of Service” which is a subset of our P52 where we’re trying to make all our summer weekly activities actual service projects that we participate in. We’ll post about both projects in this section. We’d love to hear what other families are doing to serve together as a family. Sharing your experiences may inspire others to get out there and do the same.

American Lady

Today, during my walk around the yard, I saw a Hackberry Emperor who flitted away too quickly for a photo, a Cabbage White and this little butterfly… and when I say little it really was one of the smallest American Lady butterflies I’ve seen. The size doesn’t show well in the picture because there is...

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Just as the yarn will be transformed into a thing of beauty so is the caterpillar. This is one of my favorite images.  If you would like to license this image or purchase a print please email me.

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Raising Monarchs

We are raising Monarchs again this year and participating in the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy’s “Bring Back the Monarch” campaign.  This year has started off busy, busy since we spent all summer planting and nurturing a butterfly garden.  We planted large areas of nectar plants near our driveway and a row of milkweed in an old,...

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Monarch Caterpillar Hatches

Tiny Monarch Caterpillar with ruler only 1/16th of an inch long by Catina Anderson

Yesterday we had the amazing experience of watching a tiny caterpillar emerge from it’s egg so we put together a short video slideshow of photos and clips to share.

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For a really great way to get involved with the efforts to monitor and preserve bumblebees check out and read about their citizen science project.  It’s a great way for families to learn about the wide variety of bumble bees in your area and aid scientists in collecting data to help monitor and preserve...

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