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Visit to “The Wilds” in Ohio

We just returned from a fantastic Road Trip that took us to destinations from Ohio to Colorado to South Dakota to Minnesota. I’ll post a picture here or there from the scenic parts of the trip starting with one from our visit to The Wilds Conservation Park. Sadly, I can’t remember exactly which type of...

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Bald Eagle


On a recent trip to Florida I was lucky enough to catch glimpses of 2 different Bald Eagles in flight as we drove the many miles from Florida back to Virginia.  It got me thinking about a trip last summer to the National Zoo where we had the opportunity to watch an Eagle feeding. One of...

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Conservation Carousel at the National Zoo

Last month we took our first trip of the year to the National Zoo in Washington DC.  It was a great day – Mother’s Day actually… and I’ve got quite a few fun pictures.  Today I’ll just share a few I took of one of the newest attractions, the “Conservation Carousel.” Funny thing is, I...

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