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Monticello Garden Tour

A few weeks ago we took the kids to Monticello.  They just finished learning all about Virginia History in school and we’d never been there.  After doing the Family Friendly Tour (which was AWESOME… and will be featured in a blog post to come…) we went on the Garden Tour.  This one was really for...

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Fort McHenry


This weekend we visited Fort McHenry National National Monument and Historic Shrine in Baltimore, MD.  I thought I’d share a few pictures and my thoughts after our visit. This was a great start to our Fourth-of-July week because the kids learned the history and significance behind the writing of our National Anthem which we’ll hear...

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Bald Eagle


On a recent trip to Florida I was lucky enough to catch glimpses of 2 different Bald Eagles in flight as we drove the many miles from Florida back to Virginia.  It got me thinking about a trip last summer to the National Zoo where we had the opportunity to watch an Eagle feeding. One of...

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Harpers Ferry Train Tunnel

We had the opportunity to go to Harper’s Ferry last summer for the first time and we really enjoyed it!  We went in July so it was super hot – that was not a favorite part of the triplol… but the yummy, yummy snow cones we found were! Heat and snow cones aside, we were...

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Pecan Tree – Mount Vernon Summer 2013

Last summer I posted a couple pictures from our visit to Mount Vernon.  Two were images of a large 160-year-old Pecan Tree standing next to the Manor House.  This week a blog visitor left a comment saying that she had just visited Mount Vernon and they were removing this Pecan tree because it has been...

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