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WWII Airplanes


Arsenal of Democracy, WWII flyover – as seen in Western Loudoun as the airplanes formed a holding pattern waiting their turn to head down the Potomac to the big event.   I joined in the excitement along with much of the town as we ventured outside from 11:30 to about 12:40 to watch the airplanes...

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Cherry Blossoms – Girl Scouts and Junior Rangers

On Monday we started our spring break with a day trip to the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms.  Despite having lived in this region my entire life I’ve never gone downtown during the Cherry Blossom Peak except one drive-through on the way home from something a couple years ago (we...

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Bald Eagle


On a recent trip to Florida I was lucky enough to catch glimpses of 2 different Bald Eagles in flight as we drove the many miles from Florida back to Virginia.  It got me thinking about a trip last summer to the National Zoo where we had the opportunity to watch an Eagle feeding. One of...

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US Marine Corps War Memorial – Arlington, VA

I have lived in the Washington D.C. Metro Area my entire life.  But, it wasn’t until this past August that I visited the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in person for the first time.  I’ve seen it from a distance but, surprisingly, had never seen it up close. I’m astounded by this! I’m completely bewildered...

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A Waterfall at Frying Pan Farm Park

  This discovery last week was one that left me totally stunned. Did you know there is a waterfall at Frying Pan Farm Park?? I’ve been there at least 20 times with my children and I had no idea. Remember last week when I mentioned stumbling upon the visitor’s center that I also wasn’t aware...

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