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Visit to “The Wilds” in Ohio

We just returned from a fantastic Road Trip that took us to destinations from Ohio to Colorado to South Dakota to Minnesota. I’ll post a picture here or there from the scenic parts of the trip starting with one from our visit to The Wilds Conservation Park. Sadly, I can’t remember exactly which type of...

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WWII Airplanes


Arsenal of Democracy, WWII flyover – as seen in Western Loudoun as the airplanes formed a holding pattern waiting their turn to head down the Potomac to the big event.   I joined in the excitement along with much of the town as we ventured outside from 11:30 to about 12:40 to watch the airplanes...

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Blueberry Picking at Frog Eye Farm

We love picking blueberries.  It’s such an easy fruit for picking – the bushes are tall… no thorns or pricklies…and yum! Our go-to blueberry picking farm did not post any field openings this year so we had to look for another spot. And I LOVE this new find! Frog Eye Blueberry Farm is in Knoxville,...

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Monticello Garden Tour

A few weeks ago we took the kids to Monticello.  They just finished learning all about Virginia History in school and we’d never been there.  After doing the Family Friendly Tour (which was AWESOME… and will be featured in a blog post to come…) we went on the Garden Tour.  This one was really for...

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That “Day at National Harbor” Post


I finally got through my pictures from our visit to National Harbor last week.  Like I mentioned in the post about the carousel, you really could make a good day of it traveling to National Harbor with the kids when the weather is nice.  There is quite a lot to do.  Here is what we...

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