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We LOVE crafting in this house! We have a few favorite types of crafts. Crochet for Mommy… (kiddos are learning). Legos for kiddos. Some beading from time to time when the fancy strikes. We’re learning to quilt for charity. Every now and then we surprise ourselves with a DIY or makeover type of project. We generally stick to crafts around here that are quick to complete, and we love to share! This category is for all things crafty and crochet! Enjoy!


Just as the yarn will be transformed into a thing of beauty so is the caterpillar. This is one of my favorite images.  If you would like to license this image or purchase a print please email me.

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Super Quick Stashbuster… Lunchbox Notes or Valentines

I am posting this one today with iPhone pics because I wanted to get it out there quick for any crochet moms who are looking for some easy back-to-school inspiration (school around here starts in the morning). Last year I started a little tradition of leaving something small and crochet for my kids in their...

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Sunflower Trivets!

Another big shout out to Tamara Kelly over at Remember how I said I get a little obsessive with variations on a theme?  Well… now I’m working on these trivets and my brain just keeps imagining new combinations of colors to try.  After working through my kitchen colors and some Christmas colors I thought…...

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I Love these Trivets!

So… as I mentioned in yesterday’s placemat post, I get a little obsessive when I get going with a theme. Right now it’s kitchen accessories.  I’ve never really had placemats and dishcloths and drying mats and trivets that had any semblance of being a set or matching my kitchen.  And for the five years that...

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Crochet Project: Placemats

Set of 10 placemats

When we moved into our house the kitchen was painted blue.  I thought – wow, what a pretty color… …for a bedroom. With the contrast of orangey-toned cherry cabinets I’ve just never been a huge fan of the blue (despite it being my favorite color… and despite the fact that I have at least 3...

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