Jagged Ambush Bug


This was an insect I’d never seen before starting this project.  There are actually quite a few I’d never seen in terms of individual species but I feel like in general I’d seen a wasp, I’d seen a bee, I’d seen a katydid… but this insect was completely new to me in all my 40+...

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Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth (Spoladea recurvalis)

I’m not sure if this moth was nectaring or just resting here when I spotted it this morning.  Either way, the larvae eat crops such as beets, spinach and swiss chard – three plants that are in the adjacent vegetable garden, so that may be more the reason this moth was here than the mint. ...

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Exposed Bird Dropping Moth – Tarache aprica


This is another entry in my “Things you See on Mountain Mint” summer project. I’ve seen two separate individuals of this moth so far this summer and both are pictured here.  Both are females.This moth is an Owlet Moth and the subfamily is called Acontiinae – common name “Bird Dropping Moths,” which is completely appropriate...

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Yellow Spragueia Moth (Spragueia apicalis)

Next in the line up of “Things you See on Mountain Mint,” the Yellow Spragueia Moth (Spragueia apicalis).  Males and females of this species look different so this is a male. This one made me smile because of those big giant eyes.  Especially in the image below – he just seemed to be keeping an...

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This isn’t a spectacular picture but it is a bee I didn’t yet post in this collection.  This was identified as a resin bee – part of the Genus Heriades.   It was super tiny. One characteristic of this genus is the abdomen that curls under.

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