Spring Clean-Up: Swamp Milkweed Tip

I’ve just uploaded my second garden tip vlog and am back here to share it with you! This morning I took a few minutes to clean up the swamp milkweed section of my butterfly garden.  That’s the beautiful pink flower pictured above with one of our Monarch visitors from last summer.  I was thrilled to...

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Spring Clean-Up: October Skies Aster

I’m going to try something new.  I thought I would, perhaps, embarrass myself a bit by vlogging some of my gardening pursuits.  If nothing else then I will have these videos next year to help me remember what I am supposed to do to get everything all ready for the summer (or perhaps to remind...

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I think it’s important to share mistakes just as we share our successes… and I don’t do enough of that.  So today – a mistake that was a learning experience. Apparently if you neglectfully leave your bag of bulbs unplanted laying by the driveway all winter long they will still grow… lol… Yep – that’s...

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Eastern Black Swallowtail

Eastern Black Swallowtail by Catina Anderson

This year as part of our butterfly gardening I planted a small patch of parsley in a blank spot in the butterfly garden.  All summer I checked and checked and… nothing. Then, this fall we were out releasing Monarchs and we sat on the bench to take a quick break when I spotted a large...

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Any guesses?

Mystery Photo just for fun… any guesses what you see?

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C o n n e c t
C a t e g o r i e s