Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

on (or rather in…) a lily in Southern MD

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Eastern-tailed Blue

The butterflies are becoming more and more plentiful as the days progress towards summer and the garden starts to bloom.  Today I followed this Eastern-tailed blue through the yarrow for a bit.  If you look at the motion blur on its abdomen you can even imagine how these little butterflies sit there rubbing their bottom...

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Grown from Seed: Blanket Flower

So, being new to gardening, I’m always thrilled each time a new seed germinates.  The idea that something amazing and beautiful could grow from something so tiny is miraculous every single time I see it. But even more amazing to me is when that tiny little seed becomes a big, gorgeous plant! Last year we...

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American Lady

Today, during my walk around the yard, I saw a Hackberry Emperor who flitted away too quickly for a photo, a Cabbage White and this little butterfly… and when I say little it really was one of the smallest American Lady butterflies I’ve seen. The size doesn’t show well in the picture because there is...

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Mourning Cloak

Mourning Cloak Butterfly on Jiffy Pods by Catina Anderson

Hooray, hooray, hooray!! The first new butterfly to visit my yard this summer – “new” meaning one I had not previously had the opportunity to photograph. A Mourning Cloak It spent most of the afternoon interested in my outdoor shelves full of seed pods – particularly interested in the old seed pods that never germinated....

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